one week

Greg Laswell – The One I Love… They show up at the parking lot freshly washed, outrageously over-packed, and equipped with fully charged everything.  They come with the unique mixture of eager anticipation and nervous hesitation that precedes every camp.  And when it comes to camps, there is nothing quite like the week-long variety spent[…]

back on track

Matisyahu… Just returned from a week-long spring retreat in Colorado where efforts to post daily were stymied on all fronts. So as a way of explaining my lack of posting, I’ll enumerate the obstacles I faced. 1) No wi-fi at the camp. Now, I shouldn’t have been thwarted by this due to the iPhone’s capability[…]


About two and a half hours ago, we loaded up over sixty people and started the long trek across the country to Colorado. And nearly an hour ago, just outside of Clarksville, the BMV was sitting broke down on the side of the road. The brakes appear to have locked up. Smells real bad. It[…]

who knew

Ok, I need to warn both of you reading my blog that the next three or four posts are going to be unbelievably lame.  As my beloved has revealed, we are heading on a week long trip with almost ninety of our closest friends to spend Spring Break in God’s country – otherwise known as[…]


Harm & Boon… A new voice has recently joined the blogosphere, and his name is Taylor Hall.  I’ve known Taylor a number of years, but I had the distinct privilege of being his small group leader for his last two years of high school.  I could say quite a bit more about Taylor, but I’ll[…]


Other Lives – Black Tables… Today was book-ended with rituals for me. Each Wednesday, our staff gathers in the morning to spend some time connecting with each other and with God through a variety of creative means, but most typically through prayer. I could tell that this morning’s gathering was going to be different by[…]

dumb banks

music to chill to… I know that the title makes it look like I’m going to go back on my Lenten promise to not complain anymore, but I am going to attempt to share a frustration without sounding like a whiner. First, one of the things that bothers me is that the word “crisis” has[…]


I’m sure all of us have noticed that sometimes it takes reading something two times (or more) through before the words really sink in.  It was that way for me today with Wright’s reflections on Romans 8:18-25.  The first time, I sort of hurried through and honestly didn’t think too much of it.  However, after[…]