and done

These last two playlists aren’t going to get the attention they deserve.  While they both hold special places in my heart, I’m ready to be done.  On the Chill Mix, several of the songs could have easily been on the “one” disc.  So this is a B-sides of sorts.  But to call them B’s doesn’t[…]

Party Mix

This is the second installment of “2010’s Best Music.” Want a playlist that is going to take that get-together from hype to chill in the space of an hour?  This is it. 1)      Blue Scholars / Big Hank Tank – Seattle based independent hip hop.  My friend Gar keeps me informed on the goings on[…]

Man CD – 2010

Well, I’ve got some bad news and some good news. Bad news first:  My Best of 2010 Playlist isn’t done.  I could have thrown something together, but it wouldn’t have been right.  The year in music deserves better than that.  I’m very sorry.  It is close to completion and should be out in a matter[…]

best of?

Yes, I still have a blog.  And I only post when I feel like it.  And I haven’t felt like it in a while. As the end of the year approaches, the one thing that is on everyone’s mind is… “What will he have on his Best of 2010 Playlist?” Never fear.  Things are pretty[…]