Four for (Spring Break) Friday

Around here, we’re in full-get-ready-for-Spring-Break mode. Here’s some music to launch you into what I’m hoping will be a great week for all. Nate Dogg – Oh No (feat. Mos Def and Pharoahe Monch) // First order of business… honoring one of rap’s finest. I’m certain you’ve heard that Nathaniel Dwayne Hale (aka Nate Dogg)[…]

Food and Faces

This is just a quick follow up to what I was saying about food and community yesterday. The regular mealtime practice for our family is to eat our meals together. Occasionally, someone will have something going in the evening that keeps us from all gathering.  But missing dinner, at least in this phase of life,[…]

Soul Food

Did I mention that I have a problem finishing stuff I start? Even something as short-lived as a few blog posts about a topic near and dear to all our hearts. A recent gentle reminder from a friend has motivated me put the blog-apron back on and get to serving up the main course. If[…]

Side Items

Apologies to my faithful blog readers. I got started on a series of posts related to food then left you hanging. The blogging hiatus was due to my being on a retreat where I was disconnected from the internets for a spell. Retreat food probably deserves a special blog post all its own, but I’ll[…]

Food… Twice Removed

Yesterday, we took a look at how our relationship with food has devolved over the centuries. Today, I want to suggest two other factors that have contributed to the demise of food in our culture. They are wealth and industrialization, which are of course bound up together. Any middle school textbook should be able to[…]

The Problem with Food

The problem as best I understand it is that we think too much of food and not enough of it. I purposely wrote, “and” not “or.” Because we do both. Simultaneously. Pick your 80’s poison… The Police Madonna First, we have a tendency to exalt food to idol-like proportions. We think it is all-important. We[…]