a slow parade

A.A. Bondy – A Slow Parade

Well, last night was all that one could ask for in a live performance. It was a packed house down at Stickyz and for those who made it out, they were treated to one fine show. Like I said, I saw him in the same place last November and there were half or less there then. I guess word has gotten out.

We got to hear several songs off of When the Devil’s Loose (2009), as well as some newer things. His songs aren’t necessarily the most diverse music you’ve ever heard. He does his thing, sticks to it, and does it well. Listening to tracks online, or on iPod, or on a disc might mislead you to think that seeing him live is sort of sleepy affair. You’d be wrong. The room was filled with an energy on par with an AC/DC concert. Albeit, a different sort of energy, but nonetheless.

The track included here is one such example. Enjoy.