My academic writing is currently focused on a range of issues related to theology’s interdisciplinary engagements with philosophy and the social sciences in order to lay the groundwork for a project on theological anthropology.


‘With Two Hands’: A Doctrinal Analysis of Warfield and Barth on Scripture (Lexington/Fortress Academic, under contract)


Ludwig Feuerbach’s Theological Contribution‘ (November 2018)
St. John’s College Video Timeline Project


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Yesterday, Today, and Forever,” a review of David L. Mueller’s Karl Barth (Makers of the Modern Theological Mind Series), in The Expository Times 128.9 (June 2017), 462-463.


Isaiah in 1 Peter: A Study in the New Testament’s Interpretive Method
Th.M. Thesis (New Testament) / Regent College (May 2013)

The Father in the Son,” in Remebering Kobun (2012)

“Churches without Barriers,” Arkansas Times (January 2010)