Four for Friday

What do to after you’ve had your mind blown by my man N.T.? That’s easy… take in some great tunes.

Been a good music week, so let’s get to it.

Blue Scholars – Cinemetropolis // Title track from their brand new album.

Bon Iver – Calgary // Vernon and company have been working on a new album as well. Here’s the single they’ve released.

Pinback – Sherman // My nearly hitched friend introduced Pinback to me a few years back. I’ve been a fan ever since.

Canopy Climbers – Break // Another friend turned me on to Canopy Climbers last Sunday and their songs have been the soundtrack for the better part of my week.

See you next Friday! Unless, of course, the world ends tomorrow.

Four for Friday (the 13th)

Sort of pressed for time today, so this is going to have to be quick.

First, none of these songs have anything to do with today being Friday the 13th. I’m simply noting that it is in fact the 13th.

Second, I realize that I didn’t supply the music goods last week. While I don’t think I have legally breached any any contractual obligations with you, I understand that we have something of an informal agreement. I post music, you listen to it, your taste in music improves, and then when we hang out (like that ever happens) you and I can enjoy the same music together. Everyone wins. Love wins.

Third, I’ve used up all my time for any sort of commentary on the songs themselves. The tracks will now be posted comment-less.

Manchester Orchestra – Apprehension

matt pond PA – Lovers Always Win (feat. Ariel Abshire)

Teddy Afro – Hab Dahlak // Thanks Jacob.

Other Lives – For 12

And as penance for missing last week…

Blue Scholars – John DeLorean

Four for (a relaxed) Friday

Back with four song picks.  This round sticks pretty close to home base.  Chillaxin.

Blue Scholars – Lumiere (feat. The XX) / thanks to gar for turning me on to them

Cloud Cult – The Strength – Forces of the Unseen

The War on Drugs – Comin’ Through

Junip – Always