about time

I think I’ve mentioned N.T. Wright once or a thousand times.  Let me recommend taking some time this week to listen to a couple lectures he gave a few years back at Calvin College on “Space, Time, Matter and the Sacraments.”

I realize that it may not sound like the most exciting topic, but here are a few reasons to push through and do it anyway.

1) He is one of the most influential New Testament scholars alive today, and it would do any Christian some good to know a bit about him and his work.  I don’t necessarily agree with every single thing he says, but listening to him will help you better understand me.  Which I know is everyone’s ultimate goal in life.

2) He walks through lots of the Bible and without really meaning to shows how much of it holds together.  I think those of you doing the Cover-to-Cover will benefit from having something of an overview of this strand of biblical theology.

3) Most protestants don’t have a robust enough understanding of the Sacraments (particularly Baptism and Eucharist), and these two hours of lectures will move one in the right direction.

4) There is something in here for everyone.  Really.  Not just Bible nerds, but also poets, dancers, new mothers, C.S. Lewis fans, and of course, Christians in general.  However, in order to benefit from the few words he may have for these specific interests, one has to wade through all the “God-talk.”  Which is of course the way it should be.


Part One: Space, Time, Matter, and New Creation

Part Two: Sacraments and New Creation