Four for (a relaxed) Friday

Back with four song picks.  This round sticks pretty close to home base.  Chillaxin.

Blue Scholars – Lumiere (feat. The XX) / thanks to gar for turning me on to them

Cloud Cult – The Strength – Forces of the Unseen

The War on Drugs – Comin’ Through

Junip – Always

a few songs

I obviously don’t have much going on if I’m resorting to posting random music.  The day has been filled with tidying up things that have been accumulating for weeks, months, and years in various corners of my house.  The sad thing is that I’ve got several more corners needing similar attention.  These songs make work like this slightly more tolerable.

Tokyo Police Club – Breakneck Speed

Cloud Cult – Running with the Wolves

Ghosts I’ve Met – Payphone Patience