Four for (a different) Friday

Howdy folks. Today we’re branching out a bit. Never fear… I’ll be sure to include my trademark ultra low-key depressing music in there somewhere. Let’s do this.

Canopies – Rebels // Not to be confused with Canopy Climbers. Don’t we all need a little more synth in our lives?

Emanuel and the Fear – Dear Friend // Not really my cup of tea, but it might be yours. I can sort of get behind it.

Foster the People – Waste // Don’t know why I like this song so much, but I do. Maybe it is because it’s awesome.

Seryn – We Will All Be Changed // Ok, I’ve regained my sanity, sort of. This one is much closer to home.

And for being willing to go down the road of expanding our musical horizons today, your reward is a little more of the goodness that is Seryn. The video is a bit confusing, because it says “This Is Where We Are.” I believe that is the album’s name. The name of the song is “The River.”

No ‘thank you’s’ will be necessary.