Bedtime Books

The Chino children have an obsession with The Lord of the Rings that some might call unusual.  We’ve seen all the movies (extended editions) a few times.  We have LOTR DVD Trivia.  They re-enact their favorite scenes on a daily basis.  We have the  soundtracks loaded on most of the iPods around.  All of them (including the four-year old) have an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Tolkien.   But they can’t be faulted.  They are my children.

So over the last several months, we’ve been plodding through the printed matter.  And it has been glorious.  We get to discover all the little details that the movies had to leave out.  And some of our favorite scenes from the movies are lifted from the books word for word.  The beauty of this nightly ritual is that when it is time to wind down at the end of night, there is absolute silence the moment the reading begins.  They We are all in.