gearing up #1

I have something of a reputation for being an outdoor gear maven.  So I thought I’d share my top five essentials.  This list is up for debate, but I’m pretty convinced.  It is also in order of importance, so if you are slowly building your inventory for yourself or someone else, start with number one.

Can you tell that I’m running out of things to talk about on the thirty day challenge?

1) Headlamp

Really, if you don’t have one of these, you should probably quit reading and go buy one right now.  This isn’t just for outdoors.  It’s for everything.  I probably use it weekly, and if you count reading to the kids in bed, then almost daily.  Outdoors, the value of this over a standard flashlight… no comparison.  As with all things, you can spend next to nothing or ridiculous amounts.  I generally hit some middle ground that I’m comfortable with.

Genius just struck.  By sharing one item a day, I just turned one post into five.  My work here is done for today.