deep thoughts by…

Know who this guy is?

You probably should.

He is the most powerful religious leader in the world.

That’s right, it’s the Pope.

Pope Benedict XVI to be exact.

It is common in some Evangelical circles to be suspicious of all things Catholic. And while there are certainly some aspects of Catholic theology and teaching that I don’t think squares with the Bible, the reading I’d like to point you towards shows more commonality than division.

Part of why I wanted to pass this post along is that it touches on about two or three conversations that I’ve had this week. So for your reading enjoyment on this snowy day…

What the Pope sees, and what he discusses with frankness, clarity, and compassion… is a world that has lost its story: a world in which the progress promised by the humanisms of the past three centuries is now gravely threatened by understandings of the human person that reduce our humanity to a congeries of cosmic chemical accidents: a humanity with not intentional origin, no noble destiny, and thus no path to take through history.

Or how about this…

Man strives for eternal joy; he would like pleasure in the extreme, would like what is eternal. But when there is no God, it is not granted to him and it cannot be. Then he himself must now create something that is fictitious, a false eternity. We have to show – and also live this accordingly – that the eternity man needs can come only from God.

Sounds more like John Piper or C.S. Lewis than what you might expect from the Pope. The WHOLE READ is worth your time. It comes from another blog called Kingdom People that I read pretty regularly. Thanks, Trevin.

Happy Snow Day!