gearing up #5

This is number five.  Sort of anti-climactic.  I probably should have counted down from #5 to #1.  Lots more suspense that way.  Dang.

Nonetheless, here it is.  The final thing to round out “the essentials.”  Drum roll…

A rain jacket.

This does exactly what you think it might.  Keep you dry in the rain.

Now, knowing what kind of rain jacket to get is – as always – a bit of a guessing game.  If you are going to be out there a lot, meaning weeks every year, then something like what is pictured above is probably the ticket.

For the rest of us, there are lots of sub-$100 options.

And then there is always this.

For real.  If you are just looking to keep the rain off you and don’t care how you look or getting clammy, this will work just fine.

Ok, we’re done here, but one final word.  I hope one isn’t left with the impression that they can’t go play outside unless they have all the right stuff.  If you add up a “middle of the road” collection of gear, you could easily find yourself dropping $500 or more.  Not sounding all that middle of the road.

The best strategy I can recommend for getting the gear you need is borrowing someone else’s stuff.  That way you get to try things out.  Figure out if you are really going to be spending much time outdoors.  What stuff is going to work for you.  And so on.  Who knows, I might even let you borrow some of my stuff…  might.