Four for Friday

I’m not sure what you have done over the past few months without “Four for Friday” to scratch that music itch. I’m trying out Soundcloud. If you hate the Soundcloud format, let me know and I might change it.


Four (Avetts) for Friday

Last Saturday, Alison and I took Cole and Ben to their very first concert experience. And I have to say that I’m afraid we may have ruined them for life. Seeing The Avett Brothers live sets the bar pretty high for every subsequent concert experience. The thing that puts an Avett Brothers concert in a class all its own is that it just feels like the they show up ready to have a really good time. I’ve seen them twice, and both times the fellas held nothing back. I love listening to their music recorded, but their live performances take it to another level.

Ok, enough fawning. Here are four that were played last Saturday. Enjoy!

The Avett Brothers – Distraction #74

The Avett Brothers – Spanish Pipedream (John Prine Cover)

The Avett Brothers – Swept Away

The Avett Brothers – Blue Ridge Mountain Blues (Cover)