Four for Friday… again.

Ok, not quite “all-time” low, but pretty close. My standard for blogging failure is when I go from one week to the next without anything to post other than a few lame songs at the end of the week. And so, here we are. Four more songs.

TV on the Radio – Will Do // I think something didn’t work as it should have last week, so you may have missed out on the goods here.

The National – Exile Vilify // This song is old news. Like maybe three days or so. I believe that it was written for a video game. Strange. Anyway, whoever was able to get The National to record a song for a video game should probably get a raise.

The Head and The Heart – Sounds Like Hallelujah // Did I mention that I’m liking this band right now?

Freelance Whales – Girl U Want (Devo Cover) // Speaking of bands that I like, who knew that Devo could sound so good? I’m pretty sure Rob Bell listens to Freelance Whales… or Devo. I think Charlie Sheen does too. It really doesn’t matter. You know why? Because “LOVE WINS!” I’m ending most of my conversations these days with those two words. Try arguing with that. You can’t. 

Well, maybe next week I’ll be able to put some stuff together besides the very best in music.

Four for Friday

It’s Friday…  again.

1) Freelance Whales – Day Off // Brand new single from one of my favorites.

2) Ben Ottewell – Lightbulbs // Ottewell is the frontman for Gomez, and this is a single off his forthcoming album, Shapes and Shadows.

3) Chris Bathgate – No Silver // Another single off of a much anticipated (by me) album, Salt Year, due for release this spring.

4) The National – Conversation 16 // As anyone who has been married for a while knows, it takes work to keep the daily interaction from becoming so predictable that the conversations can be allotted their number.

Kind of a downer list here.  I suppose I’ll have to come up with something more “cheery” next Friday.  Peace.

Four for Friday (Returns)

A while back, I was putting some songs up every Friday.  I know that the A.A. Bondy rant as of late has been all you’ve needed to keep you musically happy for a while…  but there is more!

Each of these are songs from albums that have been eagerly anticipated by some (or just by me).  Have at it.

Arcade Fire – Ready to Start

The National – Conversation 16

Menomena – Taos

Lissie – Bully