A Wealth of Wisdom

Ok, I know that I should be getting back to my series of posts on Luke. I have things I would definitely like to say. However, I recently came a across some videos that I found helpful for all kinds of reasons. Three men (sadly, all white) that I have tons of respect for were in something of a round table discussion talking about things that I think are important. Their conversation is worth listening in on.

The men are…

Don Carson (one of my professors of NT at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)

John Piper (influential pastor/scholar/author at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN)

Tim Kelller (like Piper, pastor/scholar/author at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, NY)

You likely won’t know this about these men, but they are cut from similar “Reformed” cloth. While I am a closet Calvinist, I’m not as committed to it as these guys. Which means that I don’t buy into every single thing these guys are selling (big surprise there). Yet by virtue of their decades of God-seeking experience alone, their wisdom should not be easily dismissed.

  • Watch this if you have ever wondered how senior leaders should transition their leadership roles to the next generation.
  • The next three are on the Bible and how one ought to engage it, respect it, and apply it.

  • This last video is about what has made their marriages (and mine) work.