I was looking for a section to quote from Reflecting the Glory today, but every paragraph had potential for lifting.  So as seems to be my pattern as of late, I’m going to share two great things today.  One will be the entire reading.  It’s about three pages.  But the means by which I am sharing it is nearly as amazing as the shared thing itself.

Google Books is evolving into an incredibly useful tool for those who regularly interact with the content of books.  Trying to remember a quote from a book, but don’t have the exact wording or know where it is?  Google Books is your new best friend.  It provides the ability to search electronically for words or phrases in a number of books.  Not every book ever printed is there, but there are lots.

So for example…  today’s entry (if this works right) can be read in its entirety right HERE, and it is very, very good.

Just in case you don’t think you are getting your money’s worth, I’m throwing in a couple extras for good measure.

I still remember the cheesy video that Jackson and McCartney put together for this song.  I like this gal’s twist on it…

Didn’t get your fill of Wright?  Here are some timely comments that I think express the sentiments of many… and certainly my own.

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