Monday may be my favorite day of the week.  Here’s a list of reasons why…

1)  6am meeting with a group of guys who challenge, encourage, and pray.

2)  Fresh start on the work week.  Not very many people at the office, so usually can get plenty done.

3)  Meeting with my friend and co-worker.  Good things happen in that meeting.

4)  Lunch.

5)  Encouragers.  I split an hour tutoring two different students from Pike View Elementary.  I hope they get something out of our time together.  I sure do.

6)  Taking Cole to and picking him up from piano lessons.  Cole is a gifted musician, and this weekly shuttling him to and from reminds me of that about him.

7)  Ben usually has some sort of soccer thing.  He loves it!  And I love that he loves it.

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  1. i’m sure 5-7 were great yesterday…but 1-4 were definitely a bit of a challenge:

    1) only one man shows up to challenge you

    2) internet down at work

    3) meeting with coworker turns into plumbing chore from $@%#$@%.

    4) lunch? when did that happen?

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