christmas joy

Each year, as a family we try to be proactive in our celebration of Christmas.  This go around we are choosing to focus on the “joy” that Christmas brings.  For us that will mean doing things like finding joy in our time in the Word, having family times of worship, and of course joy-filled celebration with loved ones.

Our efforts have been multiplied this year by something several friends are taking part in which is conveniently named The Joy Project.  While I’m not the sort of person who takes great delight in dancing, the rest of my family is.  So for that reason, I love it.

But I’ve been on the lookout for anything else that brings a smile to my face this Christmas season.

Here’s one I saw today that I’m not quite sure what to make of.  It is equal parts amusing and disturbing.  I love when classics are updated…  not so sure about this one.  That said, we could probably all use a little more techno in our lives.

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  1. To find out you are not a big dance fanatic is a total and utter shock to me. Words can not accurately describe my surprise and bewilderment.

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