Cover-to-Cover – Week 8

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As we’ve been spending some time in Deuteronomy this week, you may be thinking…

“Didn’t we already cover this?  Why are we getting all the same stuff again?”

So it might be helpful to know that while we are getting it all again, the group that Moses is addressing is in some ways hearing it for the first time.  Moses is addressing the Israelites who are about to cross over into the Promised Land.  None of whom were of age the first time it was given back at Sinai.  These are the sons and daughters of the generation of Israelites that were told they would wander in (and die in) the wilderness.

Which raises the follow up question…  why didn’t Moses just say, “and we read all of the Law to this generation as well?”  Again, there must have been some purpose for this Second Law (which is what Deuteronomy means).  Hard to know exactly why, but my take away is that each generation needs a comprehensive explanation of God’s word.  It isn’t enough to simply assume that they’ll just sort of figure it out along the way.  That godliness doesn’t just happen by a process of osmosis or by just hanging around parents who believe.  Each generation needs the Word of God presented afresh.  Deuteronomy is the detailed account of this generation’s choice to re-affirm the way of life to which God has called them.

That’s all I’ve got.

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