Cover-to-Cover – Week 13

Sam Amidon – How Come That Blood

So I’m a bit behind in the old Bible reading.  Shocking, I know.  At any rate, I have finished 1 Samuel which is essentially the story (or tragedy) of Saul.

Part of what saddens me about Saul’s story is the same thing I appreciate about it.  It is so very real.  So typically human.  Saul starts with all kinds of amazing potential.  He’s the very first king of Israel.  He has some major victories and is loved by the nation.

However, it doesn’t take long for things to start heading downhill.  In fact, the rest of 1 Samuel could be seen as Saul’s steady descent into becoming a lesser man.  His thirst for power and popularity cause him to act rashly, and apparently disqualifies him from being a fit leader of the nation.

As David’s star begins to rise (pathetic pun, I know), he becomes jealous and petty.  And what began as a man of strength and power degenerates into an insecure wannabe.  If it weren’t so very typical, it might be funny.  However, it’s universal applicability is what makes it ring true.

I’ve wondered repeatedly while reading through this book if there was the possibility of things being different for Saul.  Could he have repented?  Could he have chosen to honor God (and David)?  Could he have taken the high road?  Could his story have been redeemed?  I like to think so.

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