a diseased picture of God

A while back, I came across a review Ben Myers did of Rob Bell’s Love Wins. The review is perhaps more generous than I might have been, but it is worth reading.

What really stood out was his clear and succinct rationale for doing good theology as opposed to “bad.” As one who believes that theology is of first order importance, I share with you part of what Myers had to say…

There’s nothing trivial about bad theology. A diseased picture of God will inevitably produce symptoms in our thoughts and feelings, in the way we live and relate to each other, in our whole way of looking at the world. Family life, sexual life, friendship, work, leisure, creativity: all these parts of our experience are deeply shaped by the way we think about God. I often meet people who are still nursing wounds from the theology they imbibed as young children, people who are recovering from the worship of a bad god.

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