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Howdy folks. I wish I could say that I’ve been taking the new year by storm, but sadly the beginning of 2014 has been fits and starts for me. So in a effort to ease back into the blog, I’m sharing a few things that I found interesting as of late. 

The flurry of the end of year “best of’s” always unearths some previously unknown musical gems. Someone on Facebook recommended this band, and little did they know that it is right up my alley. I could do a whole list of finds (and probably will) that came about through the end of year music frenzy.


Also, the missus has been telling stories. Not stories as in lies, but real stories. Twelve of them to be exact. Yours truly plays a supporting role in some of them. Read at your peril. You might enjoy yourself.


Just to make sure I’m maintaining some cred as a theology-nerd, here’s a couple of quotes that explain precisely the attitude I hope to cultivate in my own theological endeavors…

Christian theology is to manifest a modesty of transparency, a deferral to its object, which is the divine self-communication through Scripture.


An authentic Christan theology will simply go about its task with a measure of quiet determination, working under the tutelage and for the well-being of the spiritual community of which it is part and seeking thereby to fulfill its office.

John Webster, Holy Scripture: A Dogmatic Sketch

Modesty, transparency, quite determination, under the tutelage, and for the well-being, are not words or ideas that come to mind naturally when people think about the theologian’s task. More often arrogance, obscurity, know-it-all, and detached are what many would say characterize this vocation. Here’s hoping that the former attitude prevails.

Happy New Year!

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