Four for Friday

It has been a while since I’ve done a round-up of discoveries, so here goes…

1) I have no idea what I was listening to in 2010, but it should have been this. Thank you Spotify for this recommendation. I will probably be listening to Angus and Julia for an entire month now.

2) “Simon” has been looking forward to seeing The Lego Movie for months. I had no idea Tegan and Sara had it in them. “Everything is cool when you’re part of a team!”

3) Much of my master’s thesis was written while listening to Big Gigantic’s Nocturnal. I think I can confidently say that never before has a PhD been written on Barth while listening to this band.

4) And we’ll round things out with a quote from this Swiss guy who is becoming like a best friend.

Except we’ve never met.

Nor will we.

Because he’s dead.

No one has read the Bible only with his own eyes and no one should. The only question is what interpreters we allow and in what order we let them speak. It is a pure superstition that the systematizing of a so-called historico-critical theology has as such a greater affinity to holy scripture itself and has therefore in some sense to be heard before the Apostles’ Creed or the Heidelberg Catechism as a more convincing exposition of the biblical witness. What we have there is simply a commentary of a theology, if not a mythology.

Happy Friday!

Four (New Finds) for Friday

I know that you’re surprised to see me back so soon. I mean, I only posted a week ago! I’m getting downright regular in my blogging. Today, I couldn’t (well, didn’t) come up with four songs. Instead you’re getting four things that were (mostly) new to me this week.

1) Gungor – Wandering // I have to include at least one song. Right? Gungor isn’t new to me, but they released a few songs to benefit those affected by the floods in Colorado. Of the three, this one is my least favorite musically (would prefer to ditch the auto-tune). However, lyrically it is on-point. 

2) Bennachie // Last Sunday, we stumbled across this range of hills that are about thirty minutes outside of town. We’ll undoubtedly make many return visits.

Mither Tap

3) Karl Barth on Grace // This week, I’ve been reading Barth’s lectures on Ephesians, and I came across this gem that is classic Barth.

I think that Luther’s ‘with’ expresses something very original. Grace is not poured into a person so that it becomes a possession or an attribute. Grace can only be with and accompany a person. The person continues to be what he is, a human being in all of his questionableness. How could he recognize grace as grace without continually recognizing his own God-foresakeness? What makes grace graceful is that God in his majesty is with the human being in his creatureliness. If we tried to say more, we would say less.

4) Zotero // This one isn’t new. But it is a tip for all researchers and anyone who wants to curate quotes, notes, or reflections on reading. It ain’t Barth, but it is beautiful in its own way.

Zotero   HomeAlright folks, that’s been some new stuff this week. How about you? Discover anything worth sharing?

Four for Friday

Photo Oct 04, 2 13 43 PM

Once upon a time, I used to listen to music and post some of my favorite finds on this blog. That was before I decided to completely turn my life upside-down. Hopefully, returning to Four for Friday is a sign that things are making a move towards normal. Remember, sharing is caring.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich- Midnight City (M83 Cover) // We could make this an all BFL post, but I’ll refrain.

Amos Lee – Chill in the Air // This song has some pretty hard country leanings. But since it is Amos Lee, I guess we’ll let it slide. 

Matisyahu – Sunshine (Acoustic) // If you don’t love when Matis starts beat-boxing, you are dead to me. 

Two Door Cinema Club – Changing of the Seasons // I really have no explanation for why I enjoy Two Door Cinema Club as much as I do. 

Hopefully, Four for Friday will at least become a monthly installment here.

Four for Friday

Don’t pretend like you haven’t missed it. I know you have. This is the “live show” edition of Four for Friday. Two of these artists I’ve seen recently. One group I plan to see soon. And it would be great if K’naan came to Little Rock sometime, but I’m not holding my breath. Enjoy.

Matisyahu – Tel Aviv’n // Had the chance to see him about a month ago. Lots of fun!

GRiZ – Smash the Funk // I went with a few friends to see this guy open for Big Gigantic a couple weeks ago. Honestly, one of the most interesting musical performances I’ve ever witnessed. Whether you like it or hate it, as one of my friends said, “this is the direction music is heading.” Yup.

Bear Colony – Flask Retort // They’ll be at the Rev Room in about a week.

K’Naan – Is Anybody Out There? (feat. Nelly Furtado) // Not local.

Four for Friday

I’m not sure what you have done over the past few months without “Four for Friday” to scratch that music itch. I’m trying out Soundcloud. If you hate the Soundcloud format, let me know and I might change it.


four (pastor-y things) for friday

Sort of lame, but nearly everything today is pastor-esque. Sorry if it bores you to tears.

I saw this very short video this week about how Tim Keller prepares a message. It is pretty close to how I go about it. Except that it takes me longer. And I don’t preach it four times.

2) I am a (sometimes) student at Regent College… long story. Anyway, John Stackhouse is prof there and something he shared this week really resonated with me. John, this may be your best yet.

Yesterday I scored very poorly on the 3 C’s–calm, cool, and collected. I had not slept well for a couple of nights and so faced the day fractured. I’m old enough now to realize that I needed to undertake some personal disciplines, and they helped, but I yet really wasn’t under very good control.

Read the rest HERE.

3) This is Lecrae and company addressing the fatherless-ness epidemic and the need for men of all cultures to embrace their God given masculinity as exhibited in Son of Man.

I may have been the only one who needed to Google the lyrics for this song, but in case you are having some difficulty in following the flow, HERE it is.

4) World Clock – This actually doesn’t have anything to do with being a pastor. I just think it is interesting.

Four (videos) for Friday

This week’s installment of Four for Friday is all videos. As is becoming more and more my custom – minimal comments, just the goods.

I like it.

Your new favorite musician.

So very good.

In the words of Ian Cron, “How are humans not extinct?

Four (Good Things) for Friday

Remember when Martha Stewart used to share little tidbits of advice called “Good Things?”

Yeah, me neither.

In honor of Good Friday, four Good things for your enjoyment.

1) A Good Song // Just found out this week that I like Bombay Bicycle Club. Who knew?

Bombay Bicycle Club – How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep

2) A Good Video // My Good friend, Jacob, shared a video that I thought was fascinating. I love watching people do stuff they both love and are Good at. Predictably, they chose the most provocative image from the video to “sell” it.

3) A Good Book // I’ve mentioned once or twice that there is a something of a controversy surrounding the Christian doctrine of justification. I’m pretty certain not many of you (nor myself for that matter) are losing any sleep over this, but some might say that “justification” lies pretty close to the heart of the Christian message. Therefore, tinkering around with it, or having the appearance of playing fast and loose with it, does tend to ruffle some feathers.

I’ve been reading a book entitled, Justification: Five Views, and it is Good. The title couldn’t be more clear… Five different views on justification. Each view is written up by an “expert” representing that view. And every other contributor writes a response to the essay. It is as close to a theological cage-match as you’re going to find. In the introduction, the editors do a fine job of mapping the current landscape of the debate. Of course, a book on this fundamental doctrine couldn’t be more appropriate for Good Friday.

4) A Good Maundy Thursday Service // Yesterday, our church had four brief services to commemorate the Last Supper and point us towards Resurrection Sunday.


My Good friend, Sarabeth, shares some of what went down at those services. This has been a rich Lenten season for me, and I couldn’t be more ready to celebrate our risen Lord.

Four (quick picks) for Friday

No uninspiring graphic.

No banal commentary.

Just music.

Delta Spirit – California

Carolina Chocolate Drops – Country Girl[audio:]

Shearwater – You As You Were [audio:]

Gungor – This Is Not The End [audio:]


Four (from around the web) for Friday

Today’s edition of Four for Friday is a little gathering up of some stuff from around the intranets…

1) In about a week, I’ll be heading west with eighty friends for a little organized madness in God’s country. This video is inspiring me to keep my skis on the snow as much as possible.

2) Jonas David – Let Me Live // Time to get my mellow on.

3) As you are listening to the above song, take a moment to read some thoughts on a “sanctified imagination” by Kevin Vanhoozer.

My concern is that many Evangelicals are suffering from malnourished imaginations.

Reading is a kind of strength-training that flexes the muscles of our imagination.

I need a sanctified imagination as I seek each day to improvise my life to the glory of God.

Of course, the whole piece is worth reading.

4) You probably remember the magazine National Geographic. I used to love flipping through the pages and looking at all of the stunning photographs.

As all of life has been shifting toward digital, there is a chance that this venerable publication has become something of yesteryear. I don’t know how the magazine is fairing (I haven’t seen one in years), but they seem to have found their niche online. They are still doing what they have always done well… putting incredible photographs out there for the world. My favorite feature they have is their “Photo of the Day.”


For those of you who came looking for tunes, I feel a little bad about short-changing you. Here’s a little extra something.

Tim Fite – Joyriding