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Today’s reading from Reflecting the Glory was a reflection on 2 Corinthians 3:12-17.  This complex passage borrows imagery from the Exodus story to demonstrate the surpassing glory of the New Covenant in Christ.  This greater glory is summed up in Paul’s assertion that “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

Those words were particularly relevant for the events surrounding today.  As mentioned yesterday, this weekend has been consumed by engaging middle school students with the subects of Love, Sex, and Dating.  And one of the pertinent issues was (and is) “how far is too far?”  A student certainly could be led to believe that because they are totally forgiven in Christ for everything they’ve done, are doing, and will do, that what they do sexually is really of no consequence.  It is a line of thinking that people (both young and old) pursue that says “since I’m forgiven, I’m free to do…” whatever I want.

However, it seems to be much more the case that we aren’t necessarily free to, but that we are free from.  So as it relates to the students and the subject matter of the day, we aren’t free to engage in any and all sexual activity.  Rather, we are free from the lie that it is our right to do whatever we want, whenever we want.  We are free from being enslaved to gratify our animal instincts.

When freedom is understood in these terms, “free to” is really no freedom at all.

It is “freedom from” that counts.

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  1. Free to vs. free from has many applications…and not only for middle school kids. I love the perspective and one I will try to apply more in my daily life. Keep those ‘gems’ coming.

  2. one of the best posts i’ve read…period. from the song and perfect blog length…to the simple brilliance and deceptive depth of the writing great stuff.

    TC – I think this is your sweet spot: I hold on to devotionals you give as spiritual truths that help sustain and guide my spiritual life for months at a time. I think your own version of “Reflecting the Glory” may be in the works here…

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