Wright’s observations on 2 Corinthians 3:18 are clear, penetrating, and insightful.  Here’s a taste:

The basic point [Paul] wants to make is simple, though startling.  It is that when Christians, in whose hearts God has written his law by his Holy Spirit, are in one another’s presence, they are beholding the glory of the Lord as they look at one another.

Vintage Wright.

A wealth of writing, lecturing, preaching material of Wright’s can be found at N. T. Wright Page.

While on the subject of smart Christians on the intranets, as you might expect I follow more than a couple of theology blogs.  Here are two of my favorites:

Jesus Creed
This one is manned by Scot McKnight, a New Testament professor at North Park University in Chicago.  I like his style and his particular theological flavor.  He will frequently post two or three times a day.  I find any post having to do with the nature of Scripture and the shifts taking place within evangelicalism of particular interest.

Between Two Worlds
As frequent a poster as McKnight (if not more so), Justin Taylor’s main contribution seems to be in finding what other stuff is out there for the thinking Christian.  Judging from the people and material that Taylor seeks to share with the rest of us, my sense is that his theological bent is a bit more in the conservative direction.  That doesn’t take away from my appreciation of him keeping us in the loop.

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