finding the goods


Yesterday, I shared what must be the definitive word to date on how to “layer-up” for a day in the outdoors. However, I realized that I didn’t provide much guidance on where one might actually pick up said layers. So, here’s a look behind the curtain to see how Minimal Gear stays not so minimal. – Until recently, this “one-deal-at-time” site was my go to for picking up all things gear. They didn’t appreciate that I was buying their deeply discounted items by the tens of thousands of dollars and sharing it with my very broad network of friends through the magic of the world wide web. At any rate, still a great place to pick up stuff. They have an alert that you can download to let you know when a new “deal” is up. It was so popular that they have spun off several sister sites. is devoted to ski gear. is for mountain biking. is for roadies. for snowboarders. And is for I don’t know what.

All these “one-deal-at-a-time” sites are owned by, which is a fine e-tailer in its own right. is the place to pick up better deals.

However, my longtime favorite has been and their outlet site While the online shopping experience is fine, nothing beats walking into the massive Denver store or the equally impressive flagship store in Seattle and seeing rack upon rack of over-priced merchandise.

Happy shopping!

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