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One of the things I most appreciate about blog reading is the various conversations that I get to listen in on.  Actually, there isn’t much of a conversation really.  Conversations tend to go both ways, while blogging by nature is a bit more one sided.  Unless of course one counts the commenting.  I should probably spend more time reading the comments, but sometimes I get put off by them.  I’ve seen comments that were longer than the original post, and if I hadn’t come dangerously close to being that guy, then my preference would be that those commenters be automatically banned.

I think what I am trying to say is that the blogs I read tend to contribute to the much larger conversations concerning various issues that either pertain directly or are tangentially related to theology.  Actually, all of life is connected more or less to one’s theology (another post for another time).  Two conversations taking place lately within my little brand of Christianity called ‘evangelicalism’ have centered on homosexuality and the nature of Scripture.  I’m sharing a bit of what I’ve been listening in on the past couple days.

For reasons that I don’t completely understand, homosexuality seems to be the defining issue for the church today.  Here’s one man’s very personal take on what’s at stake.  And here are some well thought out comments concerning that article and the issues it raises.

With respect to how one handles Scripture, there is so much that could be shared.  However, for the past couple days, I’ve been enjoying an outstanding treatment of apocalyptic material in the New Testament.

The Future of Christian Eschatology:      1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Speaking of “the end,” there has been a article written recently predicting the end of evangelicalism as we know it.  Here’s a measured response.

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