Four (N.T. Wrights) for Friday

Sorry to pull the old bait and switch.  No music here today.

I’m in Wheaton, Illinois for the weekend listening to this guy talk about the Bible.  If you watch all four (or really any) of these videos, you’ll be a smarter person than you are right now.  No need to thank me.

On Adam and Eve

On Worldview and Our Reading of Scripture

On Genesis 1-3

On Heaven

5 Replies to “Four (N.T. Wrights) for Friday”

  1. I’m going through (again) Wright’s “Simply Christian” in one of my classes right now with undergrads. That, along with these kinds of sound bites, makes me want to give the Bishop of Durham a great big hug. I’m glad you pointed me to his “The Challenge of Jesus” back in the day- that took me to Regent and the rest is history!

  2. Glad to see you are still into N.T. I still recommend (as recent as today) “The Challenge of Jesus” as a way to be introduced to his thinking. The conference just wrapped up, and he was characteristically impressive.

  3. Yes. He is likable.

    However, I’m not sure how to take your tone of surprise.

    Are you suggesting that the things I’m into are at times less than interesting?

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