labor of love

The vast wasteland known as my summer is drawing to a close.  The pace of activity combined with long absences hasn’t left much time for keeping this little project going.  However, I do desire to return to the world of blogging, and recent shaming encouragement from Alison has provided the needed stimulus.

And so I’m going to be joining Alison in her thirty-day blog-a-thon.  While there will be a certain amount of “flashing-back”, I reserve the right to do whatever I want around here.

Like starting a day late.

Or simply putting up a picture and calling it a post.

To get the ball rolling, here’s Simon and Ben in a canoe at the home of some dear friends early in the summer.

See you tomorrow!

3 Replies to “labor of love”

  1. I can’t wait for some of the highly intellectual, thought provoking, top-shelf, high-end, upper eschelon posts that I am bound to see over the next month. Should be quite a hoot!

  2. “…highly intellectual, thought provoking, top-shelf, high-end, upper echelon posts…” probably not. more likely to be the drivel that is typical around here.

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