Four for (Party) Friday

Ok, so by my reckoning, I’ve neglected this blog for about a month and a half.  I’m not sure what any of you have done to fill the empty void left by my blogging absence.  Probably just watched a few more minutes of American Idol or NBA playoffs.

There are a few reasons to explain the lack of activity around here, but frankly they are pretty uninteresting. So I’ll spare you.  My return would have been delayed indefinitely, but I got tired of visiting here only to see the lame excuse for a post staring back at me.  Not that this is going to be much of an improvement.  Its only redeeming quality will be that it is different.

So…  this edition of Four for Friday was inspired by the fact that this weekend there are some parties around town that are sort of a big deal.  These four should pretty much carry you all the way through.

1)  Miley Cyrus – Party in the USA

I understand that it might be a bit shocking to see something so blatantly mainstream on here.  But my favorite moment yesterday was driving around town with my nearly thirteen year old son and embarrassing him by blaring this song with the windows down.  He was literally sinking down in his seat to avoid being seen by others.  A great choice to get the ball rolling this weekend.

2)  Sleigh Bells – Crown on the Ground

This one brings things up a notch.  Hard not to love.

3)  Broken Bells – The High Road

This one is for when you are hanging late night with your friends and want to look like you are in the know on what is hip.  That’s right… hip.

4)  Romany Rye – All the Boys

When you are winding down things on Sunday, this is a good one to help you get there.  Romany Rye is largely made up of some great local musicians.  They are on tour with Delta Spirit this summer.  That’s sort of a big deal.

Alright, my work here is done.  Enjoy the weekend!

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