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These last two playlists aren’t going to get the attention they deserve.  While they both hold special places in my heart, I’m ready to be done.  On the Chill Mix, several of the songs could have easily been on the “one” disc.  So this is a B-sides of sorts.  But to call them B’s doesn’t really do them justice.  I think you understand what I’m getting at.

Chill Mix

1)     Motel Motel / Cowboy
2)     Pepper Rabbit / Older Brother
3)     The National / Afraid of Everyone
4)     The Middle East / Western
5)     The Romany Rye / All the Boys
6)     Freelance Whales / Location
7)     R.E.M. / It Happened Today
8)     Siskiyou / Never Ever Ever Ever Again
9)     Delta Spirit / Bushwick Blues (EP Version)
10) Frightened Rabbit / Swim Until You Can’t See Land
11) The War On Drugs / Comin’ Through
12) Sufjan Stevens / Enchanting Ghost
13) Woodpigeon / Spirehouse
14) Girls / Heartbreaker
15) Junip / Rope and Summit
16) Kyte / Like She Said
17) Mumford & Sons / Lover of the Light (live)
18) First Aid Kit / I Met the King

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Remixes, Covers, Mashups, and Other Questionable Material
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