Still not discussing Love Wins…2

But if you want to hear what some fairly even-handed people are saying about it, you might check out the following…

Jesus Creed


Theology for Real Life

I would still love to discuss it with you guys in person. So if this is a something that is interesting to you, like I said…

Thursday evening (4/14).


The Prost.

And Pastor Rob, you’re still invited.

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  1. and for those of us who missed the discussion? Surely you could toss us a bone of some sorts. Give us something to nibble on. I mean…it’s not like I’m asking for anything out of the ordinary here. Taido giving an opinion on a contemporary Christian book in his blog? Oh….what a stretch! 🙂
    Seriously, I would like to hear a brief review of the evening…or at least a quick rundown of the ‘questions of your own’ portion of the discussion.

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