Currently Reading: The Awakening of Hope

With all this talk of camping and the outdoors, I may be losing some of my theology-nerd street cred. So maybe it is time to dive back into some thoughtful reading. Today’s post isn’t quite full-on over the top boring academic theology; we should probably ease our way back into this. Over a year ago,[…]

vacation in Aspen for less than $50 per day

The recap of Chino summer adventures continues. Since Alison has already shared some about our time there, I’m going to try to come at this from a different angle. There is so much that I appreciate about camping vacations. The cool clean mountain air. Drinking in the beauty of our surroundings. Being outside. Time with[…]


Welcome to Square Pegs, my little corner of the blogosphere. Glad you took the time to drop by. Here’s where you can find my sometimes coherent reflections on theology, books, music, camping, ministry, and the occasional tidbit on my personal life. Odds are you got here from where I used to blog on So[…]