Four (more downers) for Friday

Ok, first thing to notice. I got a new look. I know, it’s fly…  like a G6.

Now, down to business. Last week, I promised to offer up some tunes that weren’t of the the “sad b%$#@*&” variety, but I just wasn’t able to pull it off. What you see before you is the best I’ve got to offer from the previous week.

Get excited.

William Fitzsimmons – The Tide Pulls from the Moon // Folks, this one is worth the price of admission alone.  You did pay to get on my site, right?

James Vincent McMorrow – If I Had a Boat // “I’d row in the morning. I’d row in the evening.  All over this land.” If you missed out on the somewhat obscure Peter, Paul, and Mary reference, that’s ok.  It was pretty lame.  Great song though.

Andrew Belle – The Ladder // Somehow I missed out this guy’s music last year.  Criminal.  If you close your eyes, you would think you are listening to Greg Laswell’s long lost twin.  I guess you don’t really have to close your eyes.  It doesn’t make any difference. My good friend Bobby threw a couple of his tunes up yesterday.  By the way, Bobby does have twitter.  @bharrison24.  You should flood him with twitter messages until he caves and joins the #twitterevolution .

The Civil Wars – Barton Hollow // So I thought these guys were pretty cool. Then I went to their myspace page, and saw that they played The Tonight Show. I guess that’s forgivable. Maybe. By the way, their theology is pretty spot on. No preacher man can save their soul. 

And that’s a wrap my friends.

Be safe.

And don’t listen to crappy music.

Words to live by.

2 Replies to “Four (more downers) for Friday”

  1. Good tunes, especially the McMorrow track (which I was sort of hoping would be a cover of Lyle Lovett’s song of the same name) but man – what a bunch of bummers. This is good winter music – which it currently is, so its acceptable, but today is a preview of what is to come this spring – which can only be fully enjoyed by listening to Phish (or the Grateful Dead, but that’s another story altogether). Get ready to be cheered up dude – I just finished what may be the best and most comprehensive Phish mix I’ve made to date. It’s called:

    Take the Highway to the Great Divide.

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