Four (More Daytrotters) for Friday

A while ago, I mentioned this great music site. If I only had one source for music greatness, this would be it for all kinds of reasons.

But instead going into all that, I’ll just share four artists I really like who have done sessions with Daytrotter recently.

Andrew Belle – The Ladder (Daytrotter Session)

Seyrn – River Song (Daytrotter Session)

The Head and The Heart – Sounds Like Hallelujah (Daytrotter Session)

James Vincent McMorrow – Follow You Down to the Red Oak Tree (Daytrotter Session)


2 Replies to “Four (More Daytrotters) for Friday”

  1. Woah, Taido . . . awesome, dude! Daytrotter is the best. I interviewed for an internship with them one time 🙂

    I love all four of these singer-songwriters/bands . . . my old band was fortunate to play with Seryn in Hot Springs last year. Fantastic group.

    1. Internship with Daytrotter? How incredible would that have been? Almost as incredible playing with Seryn.
      Looks like we are going to plan some more porch-time in order to exchange music!

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