Four (Random Things) for Friday

The music situation hasn’t been all that great lately.  So I’m going to share a few (more like four) things that I’m liking some right now…

1)  Kyte – Dead Waves

I realize that I just said that the music situation hasn’t been all that incredible the last few weeks, but there is one stand out for me.  Kyte, a band from some other country, put out a new album recently.  I like it.

2) My Chaco’s

Alison bought these for me around Christmas time, and since it has warmed up a bit, I’ve been in them pretty much non-stop.  I don’t see that changing anytime in the next six months.

3) Huevos Rancheros

Lunch for me is typically leftovers from the night before, but lately the eating capacity of my crew has taken a turn for the unbelievable.  This is my lunch in a pinch, and it is always good.

4) After You Believe by N. T. Wright

I realize how this looks…  that I have a man-crush on N. T.  Whether that is true or not is beside the point.  This is a good book.  It is the third (and I think final) in series of books written on a more popular/pastoral level.  The other two are Simply Christian and Surprised by Hope, and any of the three are worth your while.  They don’t really build on each other, so you could pick any of them up.

Looking back on this foursome, I’ll understand if you don’t find my likings very remarkable.  I guess sometimes it is finding enjoyment in the little things.

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  1. It’s generally good to admit to all your man-crushes. Now is as good a time as any to say “that Tony Romo guy is so dreamy!!!”

    Nice treads by the way…I might have to score some of those. Of course, you would have to let me know when you are wearing them, so I don’t show up with them on. That would be SO embarrassing!!!

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