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You’ve probably landed here to find out what in the world is going on with the Chinos. Likely, you have heard a crazy rumor that my family and I are hoping to take up residence in Scotland in a few short months.

Well, it’s true.

It is a very long story, but the shorter version of it (as I recently shared in church) is that I have been admitted into PhD programs at the universities of Edinburgh and Aberdeen. Both schools have a rich history of solid Christian scholarship, and it would be a privilege to study at either place. This opportunity comes as the culmination of a long academic journey and an equally long-standing dream of making a theological contribution that benefits both the Academy and the Church. I intend to take some time in future posts to explain my research and writing, but I hope it goes without saying that I wouldn’t be undertaking such a huge endeavor if I didn’t think it was work worth doing.

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However, I don’t plan on spending three years of our lives there with only a degree to show for it. I’m convinced that God has other purposes beyond the academic for our time in Scotland. It is probably a little premature to say exactly how we are going to serve the people of Scotland, but it is certain that we will be actively serving the church and community there.

Fellowship North (our church for the last eleven years) has a mission to make disciples of all people, and vision to mobilize a racially-unified family of God, called out as the presence of Jesus in our world, to pursue His mission: all people reconciled to God. Honestly, as I think about what our family is called to while we are in Scotland, it would be difficult to improve on that.

Over the last year, I have become increasingly interested in the two-word phrase “make disciples.” A ministry called DownLine was recently launched in our community, and I have had the opportunity to teach some of the sessions and get to know the people involved with this organization.


DownLine exists for the purpose of equipping Christ followers to make disciples. Sound familiar? I hope that all of us realize that neither Fellowship North nor DownLine thought up this stuff on their own. Both organizations simply read Matthew 28:19-20 and come away convinced that the mission is pretty straightforward.

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

I consider it a providential blessing that I was able to become familiar with DownLine over the past year, because it has given both a model and a strategy for how this work can be initiated in other communities. My hope would be to launch a similar disciple-making movement during my time in Scotland. I have a few other ideas about how to go about making disciples while we are there, but I think there is wisdom in waiting to get over there, get settled in, and then begin to explore how the church needs to be strengthened and ways the community can be impacted.

Lots is still unknown for us. Where we’ll live? Where the kids will go to school? What life will look like for us there? What friends we will make? Where we’ll go to church?

But one thing is abundantly clear. We won’t be able to do this alone. If this vision is going to become reality, then we’ll need people who would be willing to partner with us in this venture. Fellowship North has agreed to receive funds on our behalf during the next three years. We’ll need a considerable amount of funds to get established in a new city, and we’ll need monthly support as well. We would consider it an honor if you would prayerfully consider supporting us through a one-time donation and/or monthly support. For those of you who are comfortable with online-type financial transactions, the easiest way to get started is to click the following link…

Once there, you can setup an online account and establish recurring scheduled giving. Or you can use “quick give” for a one-time donation. Either way, be sure to find “Seminary Scholarship Fund” in the drop-down menu choices, in order for the funds to be designated towards our work.

You are also welcome to give on Sundays, setup your own bank’s online bill pay, or mail a check to the church. For general information about giving in these ways, visit…

As before, while the check is made out to Fellowship North, you will need to note “Seminary Scholarship Fund” on your check if would like to support us.

We consider it an honor and a privilege to be going on this journey, and we would love for you to partner with us financially and prayerfully. You can keep up to date with how to pray for us in a few different ways. You can email me at tjchino at gmail dot com, and I will include you on a monthly email update.

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Of course, I’ll occasionally be sharing my two-cents right here at Square Pegs. How ever you choose to stay in touch with us, we are grateful that you want to join us in this journey. Your love and support mean more to us than you can ever know.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to me about any of this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Much love,

Taido (for the Chinos)

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  1. What an amazing opportunity! Lord blessed and will continue to bless you all. So excited for you. I know a family where the couple went to Oxford and wound up pastoring in Scotland.

    1. Hey Alex! Thanks for the note. Yes, an amazing and crazy opportunity. We’re eager to see what lies ahead. I love seeing pics of you and the fam every now and then. Hope all is well!

  2. Wow, that’s amazing! Way to follow the Lord’s leading. Here at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, don’t know if you know but I transitioned from youth to pastor of discipleship & community life. We started a new discipleship initiative (making disciples who make disciples), and we are using some of the Downline Builder curriculum. It would be great to have a conversation about discipleship. Peace & Blessings! Warren

    1. Warren, thanks for the note. Interesting that you guys are using Builder. It would be great to catch up sometime soon!

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  4. Hi Taido! So excited for you and your family!!! I’m also excited because one of our pastors gave me some information on Downline. To be honest I kind of dismissed it in favor of looking into Francis Chan’s Eternity College, but now I’m taking a second look. Reading about your journey and how you hope to “multiply” disciples as far away as Scottland is awesome! It’s something I feel we’re all called to do.

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